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Thread: Feature proposal

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    Feature proposal

    I've discovered capabilities of the site just recently and I love it - it gives me the numbers I had to calculate manually when I wanted 'em (especially performance on tank), or had to gather them from multiple sites (tank average performance, my performance over time), so I love the site and I'm somehow happy I can participate it by uploading my results.

    I got proposal for one feature I'm still missing and which would be pretty nice, at least for me -> it is clan management.
    I mean it could track how long are the tanks locked for clan member based on the results of the battle. The point is that only one person would have to upload the results to let it work (for example leader, FC, etc, it is on consideration if everyone could, or just someone, etc). If the record would not have enough information, the person would post 'em (like it was landing on special ground, so the lock will not last so long, etc). This way could be tracked all tanks of all players of the clan, and the leader could see who has got which tank and how long till they get unlocked. Also there could be some charts for clan members, and much more features, but for me would be nice to see the locked tanks table.
    If you like the idea we can discuss it further. I think that if the site is written in PHP the most difficult would be front-end, but I doubt it would be too hard to code it in some reasonable time.

    Thanks for the work you've done so far!

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    the idea behind Clan Management is already driving me since ages, but sadly I don't have time to realize that at this moment. Some feature here and there, but that clan module would require a complete revamp.

    best wishes,


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