… sometimes, you just need to rant. Given my shiny usergroup and sig on the forum I can’t go and rant there, so I’ll just do it here.
I’m not sure what’s been happening the past few days, but it seems that the majority of players I run into have completely and utterly lost that one single braincell they so desperately clung to; lemming trains, suicides, dumb teamkilling, a total lack of initiative from most heavies, light that don’t want to scout, TD’s that act like SPG’s and move 2 meters and then grow roots the rest of the match, and SPG’s that appear to be more interested in examining the contents of their bellybuttons than anything else.
And you know what? It’s really, really getting under my skin these days. It’s not that I demand people do good at a game, I just wish people would at least act like they had intelligence. Enough of it to be able to at least interpret the red dots on the map… but that seems like asking a whole heck of a lot these days.
i think I’m going to take a nice relaxing break from tanks for a while, because when games get to a point where you just can’t carry them anymore due to 14 single-celled organisms refusing to be carried, well… what use is it if every match turns into an exercise in frustration?