Turns out we needed one more…
Currently, there’s already public, private, unlisted, and clan level privacy. And they do pretty much what’s described on the tin, but today an issue came up where a company replay needed to be private, but the company itself was made up of mixed clans. They’re all sister clans, but mixed regardless. With the current privacy setting, there’s no way to make that work…
So a few new privacy levels will be introduced:

  • Participants: All players who were part of the match (on both teams) can see the replay
  • Team: Only players on the recorders’ team *can see the replay

This means for example that if there is a company battle where CLAN-A and CLAN-B are both part of the recorders’ team, you can now allow both of them to see the replay by flipping the privacy level to “Team”; similarly if you do a training room battle with, say, two sister clans, you can flip it to “Participants” and still have a certain level of privacy.
Important to note is that the default privacy levels will change to the following:

  • Random battle:*Public
  • Team battle:*Team
  • Clan war battle:*Clan
  • Company battle:*Team
  • Training room battle:*Participants

These defaults are set if you select ‘Default’ as the privacy setting during upload. This option will be selected by default instead of ‘Public’.
Coming to a replay site near you soon(tm).