First: a screenie from mid March (courtesy of ITDUDE, US server) from an official WG movie, showing some interesting vehicles on the bottom bar:

Now some FaiLowe news


(Storm made a post practically similiar to the European coming-out in wording earlier - hell, can EU server even write a post first?)

- according to Storm, the new vehicles (VK7201, M60 Patton, Object 907) are planned for summer, Storm states they will not be tied to the "expert" medals
- Q: "What remains is to pray that these vehicles aren't tied to clanwars" A: "Remains, yes"
(SS: if you are interested in Failowe history, here's an article)

Also, from Yuri Pasholok (source), a possible picture of new Soviet light tank destroyer, it was made in April-May 1942, based on the T-60 light tank (it's just a project, unclear whether it will ever appear in the game).

Regular translations:

Looks like SerB is in trollmood again

- there is a new Nvidia driver build released, it's being tested for WoT stability
- VK3601H won't be changed into a heavy in 8.5
- test server crews won't have multiple perks during tests
- maps aren't being converted to make arties' life easier
- free (undistributed) XP to crew XP transfer idea has been abandoned, because "it's not considered necessery"
- armor buff? "If needed - and we decide what's needed" (SS: this somehow reminds me of the old Czech movie quote: "We - the communist party - decide what's beautiful!" :) )
- SerB regarding the "elite players": "The elite can consider themselves the elite as much as they want, we don't care"
- rain, storm, snowfall, fog, night battles will be implemented
- Sexton stats (price etc.) are not yet completely decided
- Storm doesn't consider OpenGL to be interesting, WoWs won't support it
- World of Tanks Blitz and classic WoT are developed separately
- damaged suspension does not influence tank turning speed
- matchmaker considers the same map in regular mode and in (for example) assault mode to be two different maps
- the Chinese made a ripoff copy of World of Tanks - SerB reacts: "Copyright and right to copy are written the same in Chinese"
- ZIS-5 gun has different penetration on different tanks, because it's a different gun in each case (SS: there were more models, yes)
- KV-220 is named correctly according to WG (SS: some player suggests the correct name should be KV-220-2)
- SerB states that the rumor about the special artyzoom mod showing the enemy arty position after one shot is just a rumor
- the fact that the tank is turning its hull and its turret at the same time doesn't reduce the turret rotation speed
- the camouflage mechanics changes will affect all classes, it's not tied to the fact that the heavies on tier 10 are hard to play
- in alpha WoT, there was the idea to make the detection range (viewrange) better in the direction the driver/commander periscope is aiming at and worse in other directions, it was scrapped as counterintuitive
- minefields in CW are ATM only in idea stage
- improved garage tech filters will come most likely in autumn, the tank selection bar will be completely reworked