Author: Yuri Pasholok

There was a document found in the Russian archive. It is a report, dated January 1943, presumably gained from spies, about a British tank project currently developed.

The tank seemed really interesting. Its characteristics from the report:

Weight - 60 tons
Armor thickness - sides 65 and 75mm, frontal armor 110mm
Weapons - 65mm gun in central turret, 18pounder gun, two 20mm AA machineguns, placed in two rear turrets
Speed - 20mph (32kph)
Range - 200 miles (320km)

The tank was supposed to have 4 diesel engines from the Valentine tanks with 131hp each, together producing 624hp. Each engine was placed in one corner of the hull. The center of the hull was empty and formed a passage from the driver's compartment to the combat compartment and read compartment. Each engine had a clutch, a transmission, the gear was coupled thru a conical pairing with a transverse shaft. There were two such shafts - one for each side of the tank. These shafts were connected to the side friction clutches. There were 4 such clutches and 4 drive wheels.
The engines, clutches and drivewheels were synchronised and controlled by the driver. Damaged engines can be switched off by the driver. The vehicle was designed so that it could move with only one engine working.

So, Listy, what was that, some Churchill? Pasholok mentions "it's too early for AT-1"