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Thread: ADU causes bug/crash?

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    ADU causes bug/crash?

    Hey guys, a few weeks back I installed the ADU to check my performance every game.
    I love the way it works and would enjoy it except for this:

    Almost every battle I survive, when the battle is over, my garage is stuck on 'loading profile' or 'synchronising personal file'.
    Edit: this also sometimes causes blackscreens.
    I then have to force WoT to quit and restart it again.
    This started happening when I started using the ADU.

    Am I using it wrong? Did I install it wrong?

    If nobody can help me out on this, could you then tell me which files exactly to uninstall (the ADU)? Is it only the map in the WoT folder?

    Many thanks,
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    Seems to be an issue with ATS. To to uninstall that first.


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