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Thread: Since the servers are running out of drive space, local offline battle summaries?

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    Lightbulb Since the servers are running out of drive space, local offline battle summaries?

    I understand that the technical limitations for drives space are limiting vbaddict from storing more replays and keeping extremely old battle result data. That said, this is inconvenient for me because I've been using vbaddict as an easy way of keeping track of battle result information that is stored in replays, so that if there's a certain battle that I remember happened at some time, and I want to find the replay, I can just search for the parameters and narrow down the search, then find the replay. This is far easier than having to scroll through my replay folder with thousands of replays and trying to figure out when a battle happened or in what tank, or which one of those battles is the specific one I'm looking for. While the deletion of old replays is not a huge deal because I can look up the date of a battle and find it in my replay folder, I do have a hard time finding older battle results from beyond 30 days ago, or trying to find clan wars replays that are not recent and not listed in my battlelog. Maybe there's already a program out there that can do this, but I think it would be rather nice if the vbaddict ADU could also save the battle result data and assign it to replays locally on your own computer, so that you could categorize your own replays automatically, rather than having to deal with tedious manual folder organization or having to open multiple replays to find specific battles.

    I only have a basic understanding at best of how to set up and populate databases, by messing around with some beginner hobby mySQL/PHP stuff, and I realize that this request is likely far more difficult to actually implement than it sounds due to the various background logistics and infrastructure involved, but it would be a really convenient feature, and I'm sure that there are people apart from me who would benefit from this kind of functionality.

    Just a suggestion for a feature I'd love to see, this site and ADU are already awesome for keeping track of lots of real time game statistics, but local replay tracking would really seal the deal I think.

    Thanks for the hard work.

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    Probably this project would be something for you:
    World of Tanks Replay Analyzer

    It is using vBAddict technology to parse the local replays.

    Doing something similar on my own would exceed my available time, sorry.

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    Thanks for the link, this program seems like it covers my uses just fine.

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