Hello everyone,

once in a while, I get asked, what's the problem between me and Czechoslovak community in WoT (by Czech community I do not mean all Czechoslovak players in game of course, but some (not even all) Czechoslovak players from the unofficial and official forums). I never really bothered to answer, but seeing as the unofficial community made a thread bout how happy they are I am banned from the EU forums (tbh, ever since my ban, I think I have more readers than before, yesterday I broke the record with nearly 60 thousand hits per day), I think it's time I recount the whole story of what happened. I offer no proof (most of this happened long time ago and was deleted/threads disappeared etc.), either take my word for it, or don't, simple as that.

Those of you, who don't care and don't like HURRRDURRR DRAMA, you might as well skip this article.

Still here?

You've been warned :)

In order to understand, you have to realize the Czechoslovak World of Tanks community, you have to understand it is split into two parts: the unofficial and the official one. The reason for this is that World of Tanks was very popular from the beginning, but Wargaming reacted slowly and the official section came to be only when the unofficial forum was in full swing. That's why the official section was never as frequented as the unofficial forums (in Czech nicknamed "neofiko"). The unofficial forum even registered the worldoftanks.cz domain (which got stolen inbetween but that's a story for another time). Also, the important thing to know is that the unofficial and official forums were largely hostile to each other (with players from the unoffical forum coming to the official one and spamming ads on their forum over some threads). I shall furthermore refer to the official forum as OF and unofficial forum as UF.

Another thing that you need to realize is that most of OF and all of UF is utterly anti-Wargaming. Any change/problem/decision of WG gets bashed to no end, there is a lot of whining, bitching and practically zero constructive content. If you don't believe me, look in the current CZ/SK OF section, you'll see. Moaning everywhere.

I came to the whole OF/UF conflict around June 2012 (or so, can't remember exactly), because I joined a clan called Steel Vortex (it still exists as far as I know), led by Kvetule9_CZ, a Czech female player and one of the head honchos of the UF (she was a redactor or something). I didn't expect much. The OF community was rather OK at that point, Tuccy and Czechout were doing an okay job. The problem was, Steel Vortex (SV) was in a state of "war" with some other clan I forgot the name of, they broke down later on. One of them (a 40-year old truck driver, a complete retard - yes, I do think he was mentally impaired, he disappeared shortly after this incident, because he got flamed by the entire UF) started insulting Kvetule9_CZ, because of how she looks (primitive stuff, really). So, what I did was the first time I encountered his platoon (on my side) in random, I teamkilled them both, they went moaning on the UF and that was "strike one" for me. The situation got contained, I "apologized", but it left an aftertaste.

"Strike two" came some weeks later. This was a good one, that convinced me that the UF was a bunch of retards. Basically, what happened: UF was tied to this Czech weekly streaming show called Tankodrom (it still exists, by the way). Someone started a rumor, that Wargaming will support this web show with some substantial money (2000 Euro per month or so). As with typical Czechs, fighting for this fictional money started. Basically, they all wanted to get rid of the person who was pushing hard for the complete unification of UF with this stream, so UF gets a share of the money (his name was/still is Argo37). Kvetule9_CZ was quite annoyed and I, in a typical whiteknighting fashion, offered to help. She introduced me as a "lawyer friend" and I pushed Argo37 into resignation. Overall, it was a "victory" and things calmed down, but the fact the entire UF staff fought like animals over the money that didn't even exist left me quite disgusted (the fighting was ugly, with real life threats etc.) - in the end I told everything that happened to Czechout (who I was talking to on regular basis), who made sure UF wouldn't get any WG support (let alone money) ever again and - after some UF member called openly her a whore - made her openly hostile to UF.

As an aftermath, one of the staff on UF made hits that he'll extort Wargaming somehow (there was an issue whether the NDA some people signed was legal or not, all kinds of internet lawyers and morons started claiming it isn't). I changed my Teamspeak nickname and joined in disguise their "secret" TS session, where some of the UF staff ranted about how they want money from WG (!) and that they will sue if they get nothing (!!!) and that Tuccy was a retard. I didn't record the session of course, but it did convince me that UF is just a shithole.

"Strike three" came in autumn. By that I was firmly convinced the UF people are absolute filth, truly disgusting (by the way, Georgee, who started the SS thread, is their head honcho, typical...). Some of you remember the "fake Chinese goldsites" affair. Basically to sum it up - a website offered cheaper gold than Wargaming, because the site was running a credit card scam. A lot of people in Czechoslovak and Polish community (where it is known as "Allegro gold" after some e-auction site I believe) fell for it and subsequently got banned.

Basically what happened: a guy named Kanar (yes, it's the SAME guy from the anti-SS thread) started an open thread (!!!) on UF, where he promoted the credit card scam site with "we get even with Wargaming who is cheating us anyway bla bla bla". A lot of people wrote in the thread about how they bought this cheap gold. I mean... openly! Without any limits, anyone could see who posted there under their game nicknames! It doesn't get more retarded than that. What I did was I told Czechout about the thread. Obviously, people from the thread were investgated and mass banned. They then came en masse whining to the OF. I laughed my ass off at their rage, it turned into a flame- and troll- fest.

That was pretty much enough for me to consider everyone from the UF and half of OF that supported these morons a total filth and I started bashing them openly (with Czechout's support actually, she hated the morons as much as I did).

"Strike four" came later in autumn with the "Polish independence" weekend special. I have made some joke "Siemka" threads in my time, but this turned into an ugly anti-Polish and anti-semitic rant on Czech forum - both UF and OF members were bashing the Polish, Jews etc. and MANY people got banned. I joined the flameward on Wargaming's side and bashed the shitheads, kindernazis and other filth. In the end, the Polish community organizer had to come in and apologize (!) for the Polish actually having a special. I have never felt more ashamed for being on the Czech forums, it was just... bleh. Anyway, from that point, I was labeled as a "WG stooge" and "snitch".

In the Czechout affair in January, most of the Czech community sided with Czechout (because - let's face it, she was handing out bonus codes like there's no tomorrow and of course, one does not simply side with Silentstalker). So yeah, from that point, it just went downhill, but yea, that's how the whole "Silentstalker is the satan" started.

The common misconception is that I hate all Czech players or forummembers. I don't. In fact, I don't have problem with most people, I enjoy talking for example with lonigus and others.

I don't claim to be a nice person. Hell, I'm an asshole, most people know that. But given the fact the UF started a thread about me again (hurrdurrimfamous), I see no reason why not to tell my side of the story, since people ask from time to time.