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Thread: Question about My Tanks Statistics (net income)

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    Question about My Tanks Statistics (net income)

    So I was looking at my tank statistics and the net income per tank stats. I'm a bit confused. If I look at my Su-152 stats it says I average 836 credits (net) in 134 battles. If I click on Su-152 from that screen and then click expenditure it says my lifetime average earned after repairs, consumables, and ammo is 10,783 credits in 126 battles. Am I looking at something wrong or is this a bug? I'm starting to get to the higher tier tanks and need credits so I was curious what my best earning tanks have been but I don't want to drill into each tank.


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    There are two reasons for that. First, Expenditure lists Event Bonus, Statistics not. Second, Expenditure is All Time, Statistics is limited to 3 month


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