The biggest news of the day is the sacking of the EU supertesters I suppose. That will make a few people... unhappy (check the previous post).

Anyway as for today's news:

- it's possible the shell velocity for each shell and gun will be made public (disclosed, for now it's secret)
- regarding the IS-3 model "fix" from the unofficial patchnotes: Wargaming fixed the "overhang" above the mantlet
- the US premium TD will be implemented, but not fast - Storm states they have no patch to put it in, as all patches already are full (SS: as in they have their content decided)
- the point in the 3001, 3601 etc. tank names (SS: earlier VK3601, now VK36.01) was added because it's historical (SS: the first number indicates the prototype weight in tons, the second is the version of the prototype)
- ST-I model was checked, it's correct
- Durchbruchwagen is still planned for tier 5, will be implemented later
- premium tanks tier 9 and 10? "No"
- the details about the tier 10 "reward" tanks (Object 907, M60, Failowe) will be published later
- the fate of Panzer IV Hydro is not yet decided
- the XP needed to level up the light German tanks will be reviewed, wait with XP decisions until the patch test
- you can't get a defender medal by killing a capper after the base was fully captured
- water does not diminish the effect of a HE shell, it's also not planned
- there is a hidden parameter "quality of the suspension" in the game, that affect the vehicle performance