Sometimes I can be an idiot. My main account has been on an email address that I haven’t been able to access for over a year on account of the domain expiring out from under me, and a domain broker snapping it up in the hour or so it was deemed “free”. Not a problem really since generally I remember my passwords.
Until a few days ago when the “get 300 gold when you change your password” event kicked off. I had a cold, so I was buzzing along rather nicely on some cough syrup, and decided hey let’s do that. So I changed the password.
And promptly forgot it 15 minutes later. This opened up a can of worms because obviously, without access to the email, resetting the password is impossible. So I filed a ticket with support outlining the issue. It took a while to get picked up (which I can understand since it’s probably not an every-day request), but once picked up all it took was a little back and forth where I supplied what I remembered of the tanks on the account, and a few Paypal payment receipts for gold purchased for that account. And today I’m once again able to enjoy my little tank(s).
It was dealt with very easily, very hassle-free, and while a lot of people have a feeling support is staffed by Satan’s little helpers, I do think that reputation isn’t entirely deserved. Sometimes, maybe, but if we were all perfect… I wouldn’t have forgotten my password in the first place