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Thread: WoT Statistics version all tanks have "0" for WN8?

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    WoT Statistics version all tanks have "0" for WN8?

    Looking forward to the new version of WoT Statistics!

    Just downloaded and installed When I went to run it the first time it "processed" over 18k "items". I didn't know what this meant, exactly, since I only have about 13k battles. However when it was done "processing" the program loaded as normal, but none of my tanks are showing any WN8 calcs (they ALL show ZERO as the value). My overall WN8 score is -1.

    Otherwise everything looks fine - all my other stats are displaying accurately.

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    wotstatistics takes 30 min to load my database.

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    Every loss I get a WN8 score of 0... regardless of any of my other stats.

    Every win I get a WN8 score of 145.... regardless of any of my other stats.

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    WN8 is zero on my panel as well. Also after spending 30+ minutes to load my recent battles, last 3 battles pane, shows only victories, none of my losses. When my tank didn't survive the damage received is incorrect. For instance my ISU-152 shows 862, should show 1010. Another example T1 Cunningham shows 84 damage but should be 115 if you don't survive. Funny thing is it seems to be correct for battles older than 1 week. One last thing is that when I choose Recent Battle, last 3 days it come back with 12 games, I have played more than 12 games. If I choose the last week tab I get 20 battles which is incorrect as well.
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    These items are not addressed in the FAQ. I have both of the same issues, very long load time for Wot stats and the 0/145 Wn8.

    I would add that now with all the extra information on the recent battles screen, I can no longer fit it on my second monitor (and still be able to read it). While having Wn8 available is a nice feature, I personally don't use it and would prefer the previous option of selecting the rating (or ratings) I would like to see on the screen.

    I realize this is a very hectic time for you and I do appreciate the work being done. I have donated and encourage anyone who reads this to consider helping out financially in whatever amount is feasible.

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    Yes, I'm aware of the issues with WN8. It is also frustrating for me, as the debugging possibilities for this are limited.

    As to the 0/145 Values - These values come from missing expected tank values for the new tanks introduced in 0.9.0

    Expect a fix after Easter, as I don't have much time during Weekends for such Projects, as spending time with my boys (2 and 8 years) and my Wife are more important to me. I hope you understand that.

    The most current status will be always visible in this Tracker:
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    I'm actually getting 0/145 for all tanks. No biggy WN7 still works - I can certainly wait until after Easter. Thanks for the hard work and updates.

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    Not adding much.. and not Screaming. either.. appreciate your hard work.. it looks like the "expected" values when you hover over a battle are two decimal points off... so in my T49 I detected 1 Expected 147.00 instead of 1.47 (not gonna reach that..) LMAO all the others are the same except the damage which has no decimal point... and the win is either win/loss you get/don't get your 145pts but the decimal is on the 56xx.00 instead of 56.xx

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    I'm seeing the exact same thing. 145 WN8 for a win, 0 for a loss. I was trying to figure out how 2000 WN7 was equal to 145 WN8.

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    Thanks Phalynx. I am not stressing about it, I know you'll get it figured out.

    If it makes you feel better, other sites are having huge issues as well. At, my recent WN8 score is showing up as 264, (instead of somewhere in the 1800-2000 range). My most current tanks played includes hundreds of battles in tanks I don't even OWN

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    Thanks your patience.

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    Happy Easter to You and Yours Phalynx!

    If it helps Win8 seems to be calculated ok when I click the 'quick summary' button in ADU.

    No worries or hurries but as Dunmoor mentioned in a previous post, I would also like a drop down option to choose which rating method is displayed on the recent battle list. The four different ratings displayed now seems like overkill and causes issues with it fitting neatly on my second monitor when I run a tank with a longer name.

    Thanks for taking over Wot Stats. I really enjoy the recent battles feature of it most and have it display on my second monitor while I run tanks. The kill count and list of tanks I haven't killed yet is also a nice feature. When I want to take in my overall stats with more detail I can just visit my profile on your site.


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    on a side note ... I got laughed at when i asked if a 145 win 8 value is good in general chat.

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    Looking at the per-game WN8 stat and the expected values, it looks like it is misplacing the decimal point.

    ie from the website for the T-34:
    frags 1.15 damage 528.00 spot 1.44 def 1.24 winrate 54.75

    in WOT Statistics (and the 'WN8 Expected Tank Values Viewer')
    frags 115 damage 52800 spot 144 def 124 winrate 5475

    All the values seem to be off by a factor of 100 which is probably also why the overall WN8 value is coming out totally wrong.

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    Nope, that's just a display problem like described already in another issue tracker.

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    Happy Easter for you all. I'm now driving away, will be back on Tuesday. Probably commenting here and there, but no real issue fixing.

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    I understand about Easter; have a good one. The difficulty I am having is Wot shows win 7 and 8 is temporarily disabled in the overall screen. Hope this is because you are working on fixes. The recent battles screens does seem to update normally for win 7 and the 0 or 145 for win 8. I realize it will be after Tuesday before issues are addressed; again have a good holiday real world always must take precedence.
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    seems after the 2508 update that WOTStats doesn't show my battles any more. and when I checked my identity in the settings it now shows that I have a .eu account.... when I'm on the NA server - and it is impossible to change it back to .com


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