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Thread: Getting Started with WOT Statisics

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    Getting Started with WOT Statisics


    Thanks for taking this project on! looking great!

    I feel like a bit of a noob, but I'm very confused as to how to get started. I have downloaded the program, but when i try and load a Dossier file it says "error saving file" is there some other method I need?



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    Can you please provide me the WOT Statistics Logfiles? They are in your Profile, WOT Statistics.

    best wishe

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    The only file that I could see that has been edited yesterday was "user.xml" and in that file was this:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <CustomGroup Name="b6cd83f3-a976-4369-acff-49a85ca4f681" Caption="T7 Heav">1_2|1_42</CustomGroup>
    <CustomGroup Name="fd88be57-8158-4a1c-b103-248ff1e765b5" Caption="tiger II">1_20</CustomGroup>
    <CustomGroup Name="1c150fb4-3c57-46d8-83ef-87c458e579d9" Caption="Super Pershing">2_52</CustomGroup>
    <CustomGroup Name="16fd13c6-7cf9-43cf-907e-7b4152f09d16" Caption="E-75">1_38</CustomGroup>
    <Setting Key="VersionCounter" Value="1" />
    <Setting Key="GroupLPT" Value="0" />
    <Setting Key="LastPlayedCompareQuota" Value="200" />
    <Setting Key="LaunchWithWindows" Value="True" />
    <Setting Key="MinimiseonStartup" Value="True" />
    <Setting Key="SettingsFileVersion" Value="34" />
    <Setting Key="TranslationFileVersion" Value="40" />
    <Setting Key="ScriptFileVersion" Value="8" />
    <Setting Key="DossierVersion" Value="6" />
    <Setting Key="ConvertFlatFilesToDB" Value="dellero;" />
    <Setting Key="ClearRecentBattlesFragList" Value="dellero;dellero;" />
    <Setting Key="BattleMode" Value="15" />
    <Setting Key="RatingSystem" Value="WN7" />
    <Setting Key="ViewSessionID" Value="5657c189-f013-4bdf-8cda-8153676516e0" />
    <Setting Key="RecentBattlesCurrentSession" Value="0" />
    <Setting Key="NewVersionNotify" Value="False" />
    <Setting Key="NewAppVersion" Value="" />
    <Setting Key="TopMinPlayed" Value="100" />
    <Graph Name="ca7bd69d-0625-4872-982b-36916a9a7415" Caption="Year" StatsBase="Tanks" Type="Line" DataField="Damage Dealt : Total" Period="365">1_38</Graph>
    <Graph Name="faa0529e-be2d-46e9-bc9e-81c82dd72db2" Caption="Super Pershing" StatsBase="Tanks" Type="Line" DataField="Win Ratio" Period="365">2_52</Graph>
    <Player ID="dellero" WatchFile="C:\Users\Danny\AppData\Roaming\\WorldOfTanks\dossier_cache\NRXWO2LOGIXHAMROO5XXE3DEN5THIYLONNZS4ZLVHIZDAMBRGY5WIZLMNRSXE3Y=.dat" Monitor="No" FileA="1" FileB="0" OnlineURL="#" />

    was that the right one?



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    Just to close this matter, I WAS indeed being a complete noob and am HIGHLY emabarrassed, I was loading the "translations.exe" not realising there was more than one .exe file!! Sorry for the hassel, all working now (except win8 but you knew that )

    Thanks again for a great program



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