Hello everyone,

around a week ago, I made a poll about what the World of Tanks players listen to. 1673 people answered and let me tell you, the results kinda surprised me. The most surprising fact for me is that while 23 percent of people don't listen to anything at all (how can you stand it?), 20 percent actually listen to the ingame soundtrack. Don't you find it a bit... dull, generic?

Either way, it seems that a lot of World of Tanks players are rockers, because 26 percent of all players listen to rock/rock'n roll and 30 percent to metal. Rock on! :) 12 percent listen to dance music, 7 percent to house and - surprise - 8 percent listen to classical music.

What people generally don't listen to: pop music, hiphop (thanks god its era is over, I hate that shit), country music (well, no surprise there) and nation-specific music (what, no chalga?!).

15 percent of players listen also to something else (what?).

Thank you for participating :)