First of all, I would like to thank Frank aka SilentStalker for hosting me as author.
While I'm not a proper tank academic historian I do have a passion for both tanks and historical details.

Over the years I managed to get several good books about german (and other nations as well) tank development and made several threads about historical details in WOT EU forums (Zarax999).

As supertester I tried to persuade Pasholok about some historical mistakes without success and now that the position is closed I can properly write without being in a conflict of interest.

My articles features mostly Jentz, Doyle and Spielberger as sources although sometimes I will delve speculatively on industrial developments meant for other branches of the Heer.
Expect from me WOT tech tree related articles from me with an historical focus, although sometimes controversial.

Oh, and whenever WG is spotted overstretching history (as in making up tanks or glaring mistakes in specs) you'll see WG "batman sign" for their official tank expert:

I would like to thank WG developer cannoneer for the image, it's been priceless for me :)