Half of the answers are still trolling, mostly related to the dog in the garage (apparently, it's a demon dog, feeding on souls of destroyed tanks and you have to destroy enough tanks to make it go away). Had to skip all kinds of garbage.

- a failure of a player to prevent your base capture is not considered a reportable offense
- reporting profanity/spamming does not automatically lead to an instant chat ban, it's re-checked by moderators
- the Korean "8.4.1" patch with such features as an afterburner is simply a Korean April's fool
- there won't be crew visual models implemented into the game
- IS-7 won't get HEAT shells because there were none historically
- Q: "Why does the dog in the garage howl?" A: "It's historical" (followed by a link to the Soviet adaptation of the Hound of Baskerville)
- the idea to make various hulls as modules was scrapped
- 0.8.5 test might start on Thursday (just a hint)
- battle fixing (for example two companies of "friendlies" that get to fight each other so one player gets 15 kills) is a banneable offense
- the T-28 Soviet tank is the serial model, not the prototype, despite having the historical prototype's weight