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Thread: For the Record: Storm – one more Post about the Hotfix

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    For the Record: Storm – one more Post about the Hotfix

    Source: Hello everyone, Storm officially posted the same info that we got yesterday about the hotfix. He stated that the hotfix patch will most likely come out tomorrow (actually, I know for a fact that the patch is already prepared for the patching process, so it is very likely indeed). Storm also adds that now, they are actively working on game performance. From the discussion: - Storm states that regarding the issue with the tanks looking on minimal details like utter shit (worse than they looked before 9.0), there will be fixes in upcoming patches, but there will be no hotfix for the way tanks look - 9.0.1 hotfix will not solve performance issues (apart from the FPS drops) - special maps ONLY for HB will not be implemented - HB mode will be rebalanced – developers already got the statistics and there will be changes in HB MM weight of tanks soon - for not, the option to use crews from other tanks in historical battles will be available only for mass-used tanks (SS: a crew from Leopard 1 to Panzer IV yes, from IS-3 to IS no) - developers are studying the issue with long waiting times for lowtier tanks in historical battles - the appearance of SU-122 (SU-85 with 122mm derp) in Kursk is historical, Marders were ommitted, because they suck at that map - more tanks will appear in historical battles after the option to have special tank characteristics for HB mode only is implemented, so that the performance of “lowtiers” can be improved (SS: there is a plan for tanks to have two sets of characteristics – one for random, one for HB) - there is a bug in 9.0 – SLI support stopped working. Developers are fixing it. Storm adds that for now, it’s better to use one graphic card and not enable both. - the list of buffed/nerfed tanks will be available before 9.1 supertest, apparently there are both big and small stat changes in it - IS-3 will neither be buffed nor nerfed in 9.1 - IF there is any solution accepted for the FPS losses from 9.0, it will be fixed by a hotfix micropatch - Storm states he will fix the situation with gold consumables/shot, so they are bought for credits by default - the thick Panther gun bug was not fixed yet - unrealistic movement of tracks will be fixed when special track movement physics model is implemented - details on LT buff will be disclosed later, the goal of the buff is to make the LT class more popular and easier to play - Storm states that he is not aware of a bug, where sometimes, silhouettes of tanks do not display properly. He however adds that earlier, such a bug appeared, when the player tried to force anti-aliasing via graphic card settings - it’s early to talk about 9.1 details - regarding “microlags” around 50 FPS, Storm states that this is a very vague matter and the developers were not able to reproduce this issue. He advises to disable triple buffering in preferences.xml, it’s completely possible it will improve the situation. Developers are currently investigating this matter. - Storm states that he doesn’t know, whether there will be “World of Tanks 2.0″ as a separate project (something SerB allegedly said during the “Stalin Balls of Steel” presentation) - long map loading times will be fixed? “Yes, if we confirm this to be an issue” - 9.1 will not bring any new HD models, it will concentrate on fixing issues on 9.0, this is for various reason, including implementing feedback from 9.0 - lighting will be reworked, optimized etc. (SS: as in 9.1)


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    EU support announces 45 minutes patch time 06:00 on the 25th of April 2014 (Friday / Tomorrow)


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