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Thread: How about adding donor benefits?

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    Question How about adding donor benefits?

    So, I've been thinking about this since this is done on a huge amount of not-for-profit sites, one of mine included.
    How about having special benefits for users that donated to the site?

    You are constantly scrambling to get the money together to pay for the hosting and those who donated actually "only" just get a warm fuzzy feeling for what they chipped in.
    I'm pretty sure there would be additional donations floating in if there was an actual incentive BESIDE keeping the site alive.

    For instance, delete ALL replays after 30 days BUT if you donated, your replays are kept infinite on the site.
    I love the replay upload feature right in the ADU and I only use it for my "good" games... to have them kept for future reference and maybe to share with friends. Also one actually has already been featured in the replay section as well so maybe it wasn't that bad either. But yeah, this is a nice feature for me and I would appreciate it if the replays would be kept longer on the site, if possible even infinite and well... ppl who pay could have that benefit.

    Beta access? You working on a great new feature for the site? How about giving donors the chance to check it out first, with them you can also be sure that they are using the site religiously and might be more valuable regarding but reports etc...

    I'm pretty sure you can think of more. Maybe some special new features only available to donors.

    Don't get me wrong. I've donated because I REALLY appreciate the site and it would be a shame to see it go. Also because I know how hard it is to finance such a project on donations alone... but an extra incentive to donate wouldn't hurt and most likely would even convince others to chip in as well.

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    Basically a nice idea.

    Although, there are some aspects I want to clarify.

    First of all, donations are keeping this service online. Without donations, I would be unable to pay the server. For example, the new SSD's were possible because of donations.

    Second, there are always new features developed, which I did because people like you you donated, which keeps my motivation high. There are always needed changes like new structure of the local dossier cache, new tanks, new maps, etc... which I need to invest work to get them working.

    Third, beta access is already available for all interested, just PM me. This includes also WOT Statistics Betas. But don't expect to much to see.

    For the first time I can offer some special marker in forum, like "Donator", but I would need your eMail Address to assign the PayPal payment to you. In the end, this means more work for me to keep it updated....

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