Americans have a 8.5 tank preview on their server (didn't notice the same thing on EU server, hence the US link)

- according to SerB, there is no corellation between shooting distance and damage done (a player was complaining that when shooting over 300m, shells do less than average damage more often)
- regarding the rule where a player is not allowed by the MM to play as a top team tank for too long: in one-tier battles (battles where all the tanks are f.x. tier 1 or 2), this rule does not apply (SS: conclusion - it works with a tier position, not balancing weight)
- Q: "what will happen to VK3002DB tier-wise in 0.8.5?" A: "For now you can only guess"
- Indienpanzer has the Bundeswehr cross, because it's a post-war vehicle
- there won't be any copyrighted decals on vehicles
- the ability to spot a tank does not depend on how much of the tank you can see (eg. a fully uncovered tank has the same chance to be spotted as a tank completely covered by an obstacle with only one visibility checkpoint sticking out)
- there are plans to introduce Soviet lowtier tank destroyers, such as GAZ-75 or SU-45
- there are no plans to introduce additional gun to SU-101
- SerB wrote that some maps are removed when they are unfit for gameplay. A player then asked if that is so, why do they stay in company battles? Answer: "Clarification - they are unfit for gameplay in random battles."
- Tank "121" is not WZ-121 or Type 69
- Indienpanzer confirmed to have a 90mm gun
- Q: "Indienpanzer's gun has the same parameters as Pershing's T15E2M2, why was it written in the review that it's ´heavily armed´?" A: "It's a really heavy gun :)"