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Thread: French Translation

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    French Translation

    French translation version :

    I dont arrive to work this new and completed french translation, I have always the same translation like before my work after restarted WOT Statistics and changed languages many times
    I have verifyed with Notepad++ all the lines marked with <Item LanID="FR">, and <Item LanID="ENG"> to compare with previous version, I dont find any error, I have no error (I try to see a log file now...)
    thx to help me
    You can use this version for french translation to publish it if you arrive to work with it : thx to explain the solution
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    Thanks, I've taken your translation to the main file.

    You can load the xml into the Translation Program provided with WOT Statistics to see if it works.

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    OK, I learn this now !
    I have tried it, it's more easy to translate (...) Thx
    (Oh ! I had translated directly in translations.xml with NotePad++... Less easy)
    I have watched and updated the Ghost59fr update from my translation on GitHub, I have an error with all the "translations.xml" files with "WOTStatistics.Translations.exe" : " column 'LT' does not belong to table " ???
    I have done a compare with your file or other files of Ghost59fr, I don't find the origin

    Help me please !
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    Thank you Phalynx for your « column 'LT' does not belong to table » editing and your merges with my frenches translations proposals on GitHub
    (I have not understood where was the bug in the file : an « ? » in « LT » « ru » line ?...)

    I did not arrive to get my last french translation in WOT Statistics, and the issue is to copy and paste the last « translations.xml » file version from main folder to « C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\WOT Statistics folder »

    Now, all is OK !!
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