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Thread: Achievement Progress

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    Achievement Progress

    I don't arrive to watch « Achievement progress » menu in WOT Statistics in spite of have edited the » settings.xml » file « <Setting Key="AchievementReportVisible" Value="false" /> » in « <Setting Key="AchievementReportVisible" Value="true" /> »
    No more « Achievement progress » menu !
    I use WOT Statistics in french translation and I dont see fr folder with dll files in Wot Statistics root, is an origin of this problem ?
    Thank you for your answer
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    I did not arrive to get « Achievement progress » menu in WOT Statistics !
    The issue is to copy and paste the « settings.xml » file with « <Setting Key="AchievementReportVisible" Value="true" /> » from main folder to « x:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\WOT Statistics » folder

    Now, all is OK !!
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