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Thread: Quick Summary: missing battles

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    Quick Summary: missing battles

    I just ran the ADU this evening after playing 20 or 30 games today. I watched them all download successfully, then the Quick Summary window opened, only showing 4 battles in the past 48 hours. ATS and BRR were not installed, even though last time I used this it was installed. I reinstalled ATS and BRR. Re-ran ADU, but games are still missing. So I am assuming these games are lost since I have the ADU delete them from WOT once downloaded?

    I refuse to have ADU running during the game, because it randomly opens near the end of games, crashing me.

    What am I doing wrong here?

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    Never mind. About an hour later they showed up. I found them in my replay section, watched some replays, then a while later they appeared on the Quick Summary.

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    Just a suggestion. Start and enter Offline mode. That way ADU saves the Battle Results, but will not try to upload them during your play.


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