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Thread: can it handle two players from different servers?

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    can it handle two players from different servers?

    I had this setup with an NA account. it worked great.

    Now i play both NA and EU. i created the second player (EU) just fine, loaded the dossier, and it is working flawlessly.

    However, the NA player is no longer updating - it still has the 3500 games i have played, it is just not adding new ones. I triple checked, and it is using the correct dossier.

    I noticed one thing though - when i first load the NA dossier, the players screen shows the NA player with a realm of and the Eu with if i close that screen and immediately re open it, it shows both players as having a realm of when i click on the drop down, my only choices are '' and 'custom'. entering in by hand does nothing, and it gets erased anyways if i close the window.

    Ideas please?

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    i had more data to report. It IS reading the NA dossier file, and Is updating overall stats, and IS updating the "Current session (2014-04-29 :06:25 - *updated every time i play NA*) when i am on the Recent Battles screen, its just that the rest of the recent battles screen shows no games played. Its definitely reading the correct dossier files for both players, and everything for Eu works great, and it clearly updates every time i play an NA match, it appear to just be the recent battles screen that (even though it updates the last played timestamp at top correctly0 doesnt show any games.

    Under players, it still shows both as having realm of no matter what i try.

    any help appreciated as the Eu account is the one where i dont care about stats hehe

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    In normal case WOT Statistics can handle this. Please provide me the Logfiles, so I can look what it did.
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    well its working! Odd problem

    Before i installed 2.5, i used the control panel to uninstall wot statistics 2.0. it seemed to work fine, but left a broken shortcut on the desktop. seemed harmless.

    I installed 2.5, worked great for first player, everything but recent battles for second player, even though it was clearly seeing the dossier changes, so i posted here.

    Well when i was poking around for logs, i noticed there was still a wot statistics folder next to my wot statistics 2.5 folder in my program files(x86) folder. Even with every program closed, windows 7 would not let me delete it. i confirmed wot was uninstalled in control panel, yes, only 2.5 listed.

    i rebooted - still cant delete! i havent even launched anything yet!!

    I rebooted in safe mode and whacked it. it let me delete it.

    for safety, i uninstalled 2.5 as well, re-installed, and now both accounts on different servers (and even in different directories) are all working great!

    Thanks so much for this software!

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    Nice, thanks for feedback.


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