Hello everyone,

thank you for participating in yet another poll. This time we have not uncovered anything too surprising, looks like the average FTR reader is cca 20-something year old rocker :)

The results were:

younger than 15 16 (1%)

15-17 113 (9%)

18-21 232 (19%)

22-25 278 (23%)

26-30 233 (19%)

31-35 115 (9%)

36-40 90 (7%)

older than 40 100 (8%)

Votes so far: 1177

New poll is related to new articles and navigation. I am a bit worried that by adding three authors, the amount of blog posts might become difficult to navigate. That's why I added "days" into the right-side navigation, so you can see what came out that respective day and not lose track. Personally, I think it's sufficient for me, but is it for you? Please fill the poll and if you have any idea how to make this blog more comfortable to read, share it with us in the comments. I am currently considering adding a newsletteroption. But....