- there will be no compensation for the reduced XP price of the VK2801 ("when the prices of electronics drop, do you also go whining to the electronics store for a refund?")
- Russian tier 7 medium prem tank was never promised for the 0.8.5, it will come in the future
- in 0.8.5, on the debriefing screen, the tank life percentage stat has been replaced by damage done in battle
- the decision about the gun accuracy (the way it is now) has been made due to the limited scale of battles
- there will be no possibility to trade tanks between players
- immobilized tanks with one track down won't be able to move, just like it is now (SS: a player was moaning about the fact that in real life, a tank with one track destroyed could still "turn")
- SerB stated that if Wargaming did Mechwarrior Online, they would have done a lot of things differently
- HE shell splash radius does not change by +/- 25 percent, the damage however does
- the test client is made separately the way it is because if it was somehow connected to the original client, many people would use the patch on the original game and then would whine because they couldn't play the game properly
- Swamp and Komarin do not return in 0.8.5 (SS: odd, I thought this was confirmed... ah well)
- client physics won't reach this level
- devs cannot unfortunately write the equation for the ramming damage, as it is a complex physics model
- the hull turn rate is a balance parameter, Storm: do not expect battles to be like in real life

Overlord also made an article about (the removal of) Pay to win element from World of Tanks.

A few points from his answers:
- there has to be a balance between premium and regular users, either you invest time, or gold
- tier 10 arty confirmed to come in "near future" (SS: according to RU devs: 0.8.6)
- gold shells pen ceiling and armor buff possible
- no golden ammo caps
- no premium tanks for credits