Okay, this is something I am really undecided about.

The good news is, after switching the blog interface to english (the Czech version is... odd), I found out, how to make it work, so technically, I can easily introduce the labels right now, so you could (for example) read only WoT-related stuff.

The "bad" news is, I am really not sure whether I want to do that. Let me explain:

Currently, it's easy enough to open the blog, open the day you want to display on the right side menu (for example: posts from last two days you didn't have time to check before? you simply open posts from those two days) and read what posts are available. The names of the posts are usually very clear on whether it's a WoT post, a "mixed" one (for example about a historical vehicles and its implications on World of Tanks, a potential historical buff etc.) or a purely historical one (those are very few, because most of the historical stuff I post can somehow influence WoT potentially).

If I add labels and the "search by labels" function, what a lot of people will do is they will select "articles on WoT" (eg. mostly daily translation updates) as default. That way, they will not only skip all the other blog content (which is fine, anyone can decide what to read and what not to read), they will also deprive themselves of the possibility to actually see stuff that might potentially interest them. I'll give you an example: the way it is now, a guy comes here for the Q&A daily updates (which are easy to find because their title always has the date in it), opens the blog, sees a wall of text ("meh, I'll skip that"), but then there's also the really cool tank picture he likes ("amagad this looks nice, what's that") - and decides to read the text despite the fact he didn't want to.

With labels enabled, he won't even see the tank article, so he won't know there's something that might potentially interest him despite the fact he came only for the news. Get my drift?

It's only natural for me and other authors who write articles to want people to read what we write. I mean - everyone wants his work to be seen by as many people as possible, right? In this case, I think implementing labels would be against both our and your interests (depriving us of potential readers and you of potential interesting info).

But I am willing to listen to the voice of the people.

- SS