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Thread: Great lags

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    Great lags

    Hi all!!!
    Sorry if this topic has been covered before, but, when the uploader is online and its uploading a replay (or anything for that matter), it makes my connection get pings of over 1 second to the WOT server (usually 55-70). A lot of times it goes unnoticed, but a few times I totally lose control of my tank, ramming rocks, falling off cliffs, charging the enemy (without firing). I guess you get the picture.

    One way around this is to have the uploader offline and only take it online after the session is over. Any other solutions to the same problem are welcome.

    A second way, I thought might be possible, would be to take control of how much of the upload bandwidth will be taken for uploading. Much like a torrent. That way, I could set it to, say, 10%, then my upload that now takes about 5 seconds, will take 50, but my ping will go from 65 to 80 ms, which will probably go unnoticed.

    Another way would be to monitor the WOT client, and upload everything when in the garage, if that is possible. And if in the meantime you go in a battle, the uploader still has at least 30 secs to finish uploading, and then continue next time in the garage.

    Just a few thoughts for the developers.


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    Has anybody read this?
    Is it a common issue?
    Is it only me?

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    Must have overseen this, sorry.

    As to the bandwidth, this is technically not possible, read also here:

    About the "when in garage" is probably a good idea, but what about going in garage and switching to another tank, starting the next game? Will think about it.

    For now, I would suggest to go offline at the beginning, the files are still monitored and cached, and if you want just use the "Check and Upload" button.

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    Tx for the response.
    I said before, when you are in garage even if you go immediately in a battle then you still have at least 30 secs to finish uploading what you have already started. Then stop uploading and continue next time in garage.
    BTW, great app. Thanx a lot!!!

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    30 secs of syncing with the other players and the server.


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