Storm made a post on the developer blog, asking people what they think about 8.5. Here's what's in the discussion:

- this patch apparently broke a testing record, the demand to test is enormous
- developers are aware of the test servers being overloaded
- the next patch test (or perhaps the test after that) will have a 3,5 times bigger capacity
- Storm says the new interface (the thingie on the top of the screen) is good for cybersports, it can be disabled
- there are no changes for British TDs (too early to decide about buffs/nerfs)
- there have been some graphics optimisations in the patch
- the firefighting mechanism was not changed in 0.8.5
- Ruinberg will be fixed in 0.8.6 ("for some sad reasons") (SS: it was scheduled to be flattened)
- IS-7 speed was buffed because it's historical and it was demanded
- in future tests, new and reworked maps will "drop" more often
- this year there will be no French "minibranch" รก la T-60 - T-80
- apparently, specifically the Czechoslovak and Polish complaints about the "Stalinec" decal were the reason for its removal
- lowtier Soviet lights (T-19, T-24 and T-46-5), lowtier Soviet TD's (IT-45, SU-76BM) and alternative medium Soviet branch (T-34M etc.) will not come this year
- M47, IS-2 (44) and T-54/3 won't be introduced