Sorry for the lack of updates recently, real life’s been busy kicking my ass with work, a move, and general real-lifey stuff.
A few things will be coming up some time soon(tm); some of the changes may cause you to grind your teeth some, but it’s for the best…

Multiple Signin
Thanks to a suggestion by folterknecht, it will be possible soon to log in multiple accounts at the same time and have your profile settings (and replays list, upload page, etc.) show replays from all your accounts on the same page. At the moment you still have to log out and sign in using a different account to see that accounts’ replays.

Advertising and Patreon
After looking over the state of donations and other such things, I’ve had to sit back and think for a bit given that donations are few and far between. While some donations get made from time to time, it doesn’t cover more than a quarter of the server bill most months. As I’ve said before, I don’t mind paying it myself, but it cuts down on the amount of time I can spend working on things, as well as severely limiting new things I can do purely because I can’t justify spending more than I do already on a hobby.
To offset some of the server costs, advertising will be introduced on the front page, and on replay pages. I’ll also be setting up a Patreon account for donations instead of Paypal. However, here’s the twist; if Patreon ends up covering a given month’s server blll, advertising will be disabled for the next month. In other words, the goal is to cover the server bill, and if the goal is reached, no advertising will be displayed on the site at all. Only if the goal isn’t reached will you see ads.
Of course, you could always use adblock, but this may (or may not) cause some changes in how you can view the site.