A feature I’ll hopefully be introducing soon will be multiple signin, something exciting!
What is it anyway, you may wonder? Well, many people have more than one account, or have accounts on multiple clusters, and so on. At the moment you have to log out and log in to another account to be able to manage that accounts’ replays, and it gets a bit tedious to have to do that. So, multiple signin will put a stop to that.
It works like this; the first time you sign in, everything works as it still does. However you will be able to select a new menu option to sign in a 2nd (or 3rd, or 4th) account. Every account you sign in is then linked to the first account you signed in – or rather, all these accounts are linked together. So an example being, I have two accounts; one for Scrambled, and one for UncleBenny, basically my ‘test stuff’ alt. Once I sign in Scrambled, I can sign in UncleBenny, and both these accounts (or characters, if you will) are then linked. Any time after that, when I sign in Scrambled, I’ll also be “signed in” to UncleBenny. The reverse is also true since the accounts get linked.
At any given time you’ll be able to “unlink” accounts, or add more.
A few things will change because of this:

  1. Privacy settings on replays are applied to all signed in accounts, this means that you may see more replays than you used to because each account has it’s own set of “you can see this replay” privileges.
  2. You can manage replays for all linked accounts (e.g. change their privacy level, hide them, and so on)
  3. Commenting will default to your “main” account, but you can change which account is used to post a comment when you type one
  4. Display and timezone settings from the main account will be used – linked account settings are ignored

Since this is quite the “involved” bit of code, it may be a few weeks before this appears, but I figured I’d throw the basic idea out there