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Thread: Overall Ratings not complete

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    Overall Ratings not complete

    first of all, thank you very much for the great tool!

    My (minor) problem is, the Overall Ratings section does not show the actual values.
    Are all of these values just from stuff i uploaded with the ADU, or are these informations completed with information from the wargaming database?
    and to compare
    The latter has the same winrate as the ingame stats.
    Thx again!


    EDIT: After reading the FAQ again, the question asked above might be/sound like a kind of an rtfm-Question, sorry for that.
    To give more information why i am confused:
    My overall stats are getting better quite monotonic with my gain in experience.
    I reinstalled WoT some time ago, which might explain why there are no stats for lets say the first 1k games i made. But i would think that the stats at vbaddict would be better than they are in total, if the first (rather crappy) battles would be missing. Therefore i can´t really understand where the information is comming from. It looks more like some battles in the middle are missing.
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    To rephrase it: If i understand correctly from the FAQ, vbaddict ist showing everything just from data which is uploaded. This includes the battle reports after each match and the local dossier cache.
    My point is: the number of matches is correct, if i sum up the battles by tier graph, but the first line of stats (summary \ Overall Ratings) is not showing the correct values. The "error" is well above possible rounding errors.
    Would be very nice, if someone could comment on these graphs.
    Thanks alot!

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    The data is pulled from different sources. Battle Count is taken from dossier, while quick summary is pulled from uploaded battle results.


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