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Thread: Historical Stats and Battle Logs for Individual Tanks

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    Historical Stats and Battle Logs for Individual Tanks

    I'd like to be able to go back and see how I developed over time in my T-44, particularly to compare how I did when stock to how I did when fully upgraded. Unfortunately, though the data are in the database, there doesn't seem to be any way to do this.

    The battle history search function lets me go back only 30 days. (By the way, if you could change the tank column on that to give a name instead of a picture, that would make it much more readable. I can see only the grossest differences between tanks with images at that size; I have to hover to see whether an icon is, e.g., an Obj. 140 or a T-62A.)

    The individual tank stats don't show any battles at all, since none occurred in this or the previous month, and the graphs for some reason (both "Charts 30 days" and "Charts All Time") show only one week from 2013-08-27 to 2013-09-02.

    I'd be happy with just a CSV stats dump that I could pull in to a spreadsheet to do my own analysis.

    Oh, and one more unrelated bug: when I choose "View your Profile" from the drop-down menu at the upper right, all I get is "The requested URL /player/-- was not found on this server."

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    Historical data is only available if uploaded by you. With ADU you can automatically upload all relevant stuff.

    Battle History is limited to 30 days because of performance. If you always used ADU and uploaded each Battle Result, you can find all of your battles in the Battle Log. At the end of it, you are able to download all battles, even beyond the 30 days, as CSV.


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