Update 1.0.1 for World of Tanks Blitz is now live for Nordic countries (Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland). Please update manually if your auto-update is off.

Some update notes:

  • Updated game icon
  • Updated re-login procedure. Better performance, lower chance of being disconnected.
  • Gold tab is now default for in-game shop
  • Fixed bug with incorrect X2 experience on battle results screen
  • Fixed crash when playing battle sounds (usually when firing or hitting someone)
  • Fixed crash during re-login while being in platoon (reinstall was needed)
  • Fixed disappearing "to garage" button in waiting queue while being in platoon
  • Fixed bug with "double" tutorial during registration
  • Fixed bug with statistics - battle distribution across nations
  • Fixed crash on news screen
  • Fixed crash when trying to register via GameCenter

Right now we are finishing our work on 1.1 update which will be ready for submission to Apple really "soon".

This weekend you can also get advantage of double free exp conversion. 50exp for 1 gold.