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Thread: Tanks with which I earn highest net credits

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    Question Tanks with which I earn highest net credits

    For the last hour I've been trying to figure out how to monitor which tanks I'm earning the most net credits with. (It's irrelevant which ones are good earners for the WOT community; I want to know which ones work for me.) I've downloaded Active Dossier Uploader, uploaded a dossier successfully, read several threads in this forum, done a lot of Googling, and still can't understand what I need to do to get this particular metric. I'm trying to earn my way to a Jackson, but its price seems a long way off when I can't analyze which tanks are netting me the most credits vs. which ones are just earning me lots of XP or just grossing me a lot before the cost of rigid rounds.

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    Credits are only included in Battle Results and Replays. Make sure you enable them in the configuration.

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