As you are aware Historical Battles were added a couple of patches ago. But at least on my local Server no one is playing them. Well patch 9.1 brings us the Historical battle Toburk!
In an effort to jump start more people playing Historical battles from now on, every Saturday, starting on the 14th of June, I will be playing Historical Battles. The time will be 1500 until at least 1600 (if not later) British Summer Time.
However I'm not the only attraction there. So far we have a few others confirmed to be playing Historical Battles. At the moment Jingles and Silentstalker will be playing as well as me.
I'm hopping more famous names will be showing up... Will you?
For those that don't know, to get to historical battle mode:
1: Bellow the battle button, there's a pull down menu, that by default says "Random Battle". Click that.
2: Select Historical Battles
3: Pick your tank from your garage. You'll get charged some credits for the ammo load out, but don't worry you'll get the money back for any shells you don't fire.

You will of course need an appropriate tank to be brought and researched, but don't worry if you don't have the modules unlocked, they're provided free of charge.
Listy, Jingles and Silent driving a tank?