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Thread: Destroyed tank Tier Chart

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    Destroyed tank Tier Chart

    Would it be possible to reinstate the destroyed tanks by Tier chart that recently got replaced?

    I ask because, in the new chart, it is much more difficult to see at a glance what has destroyed, and seeing it all by Tier was really quite interesting.

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    I liked those charts too... Really miss them. :/

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    The new view contains exact the same data, including tier. It's also sorted by tier.
    I don't see a real benefit by the old charts.

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    Ultimately it feels like the new charts have lost some of the functionality by sorting first by nation - making it difficult to compare all destroyed vehicles in one Tier. The old bar charts also allowed you to see much more information at a glance and were a very effective visual method of absorbing the information. The new method, I must regretfully say, is a not so effective.


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