Taken from RU livejournal community, translated, and slightly modified.

You are oldfag of WoT, if:

  • played WoT even before closed beta started for EU and NA
  • remember single EU&NA forums and client, EU&NA migration and server-split
  • remember when only English localization was available
  • remember the recess of closed beta
  • remember what rush across the Malinovka field-of-death is
  • know how to block the path in Himmelsdorf
  • saw original Pagorki map
  • saw/used non-nerfed SPGs
  • know how to play KV-2 with derp gun
  • know how to kill Maus when 2nd top tank is tier 8
  • know how to tie the game on the old Erlenberg
  • remember teleports
  • remember massive lag spikes when
  • remember when T-44 was the best MT, and S-51 - best SPG
  • saw non-pitted Karelia
  • remember good olg Komarin camping
  • remember 1st Championship WoT Closed beta
  • remember the launch of global map
    blocked Maus in a group of tier 2-3 light tanks
  • remeber the DOG
  • remember when tracks were repaired separately
    remember "when is the wipe/reset?" questions in chats and on forums
  • first hours since release when gift and pre-order tanks couldn't penetrate each other

Feel free to add. :)