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Thread: For the Record: Curious Case of VirginSlayr

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    For the Record: Curious Case of VirginSlayr

    Hello everyone, in recent days, I recieved several e-mails about the case of one particular player, with the nickname of VirginSlayr. I am sure that you have guessed it’s a troll account (the name is funny :) ), but what is interesting, it has following statistics: That’s right, he ever played exactly one tier 10 medium tank and that’s it. This seems to confuse some people and they have been asking “how did he do it” – well, it’s not that difficult to guess (and yes, I was confused at first as well, but it’s really logical, thanks to LittleJoeRambler for explanation). Mind you, it’s not a simple account wipe (which you get for botting for example) because in it you lose all regular tanks AND free XP as well. In fact, there are two explanations: - the first and obvious one is that a friendly WG employee manipulated that account somehow. Happened before from what I heard. - second (that doesn’t need any “WG friends”) is a bit more complicated: this guy botted World of Warplanes. When you use bot (and by that I mean also something as primitive as an AFK clicker mechanism), the first punishment is an account wipe. However, free XP is shared between accounts, so for the botted free XP he bought the Leopard 1. After he got “caught” (which is what he intended all along, so perhaps a friend of his reported him?), his WoWp account got wiped (including free XP), but he “only” lost free XP, his botted planes and WoWp credits (gold and premiums are not lost), because apparently, a WoWp wipe doesn’t affect tanks and vice versa, thus he’d still have the Leopard 1, despite losing his botted “progress” in WoWp. Anyway, I hope that answers any questions :)


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    NO NO NO! He is EmbryonicJourney aka Vaering aka QQbaby. He grinded free xp in team battles, that's all.

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    JELLY working as designed

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    Yup, that was only a mistake with the name.


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