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Thread: WoT Statistic Performance

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    WoT Statistic Performance

    Hi Phalynx!

    Im running WoT Statistic on a decent machine:

    Win7 64 Pro; i5 3750K @ 4GHz; 16 GB RAM; Samsung 830

    And the program is installed on the SSD like the OS and WoT. I m wondering why it responds so slow. Startup is fine imo, but switching between different "tabs" like "Overall", "Tanks", "Recent" and so on is slow in my opinion.
    It takes around ~3 seconds (my guess) while the "Please Wait - Loading" message is displayed, even if I go back to the "Tab" I had opened before the current one. The same is true for nearly everything else I m doing within the program. It just feels unresponsive and has always been from my experience also in the past.
    Would be nice if you could take a look at it.

    Btw - was down for me since yesterday only the expected stats were available. Now it seems to be running again. Though you probably already know about that.

    Best regards



    Sorry - just saw it afterward, that you already had that problem (performance) adressed in an other thread.
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