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Thread: Suggestion to add selections to show premium account gross and net.

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    Smile Suggestion to add selections to show premium account gross and net.
    This post was made as an issue

    Thank you for this wonderful analysis tool!

    I would like to see some new statistics on vbaddict that INCLUDEs the effect of a premium account. Specifically for: Credit Gross per battle, Credit Net per battle, Credit Gross per minute, and Credit Net per minute.

    Like many vbaddict users I run WOT with a premium account. When I am credit grinding I often come to vbaddict to help in selecting the most profitable tanks for me to run.
    But, since vbaddict standardizes the data by pulling out the effects of a premium account, it skews the list away from what would be most helpful for me.

    Gross and Net statistics that include the effects are easy to calculate:
    The Gross statistics are easy:
    Premium Gross per Battle = Standard Gross per Battle * 1.5
    Premium Gross per Minute = Standard Gross per Minute * 1.5

    The Net statistics include 1 more factor:
    Premium Net per Battle = (Standard Gross per Battle * 0.5) + Standard Net per Battle
    Premium Net per Minute = (Standard Gross per Minute * 0.5) + Standard Net per Minute

    Premium accounts can drastically swing the relative order of profitability (net) when similarly ranked (by standard account) tanks have drastically different repair and/or ammunition costs.

    Tank Gross Repair+Ammo Net
    A Standard 50,000 40,000 10,000
    A Premium 75,000 40,000 35,000
    B Standard 20,000 10,000 10,000
    B Premium 30,000 10,000 20,000

    In the above example, with a Standard account, Tanks A and B have identical 'Net Income' rankings.
    But with a Premium account, Tank A makes 35,000 versus Tank B's 20,000. Tank A is 75% more profitable with a Premium account!

    Thank you.

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