With Wargaming still not having figured out a way to make older replays play in newer clients (you'd imagine it's not rocket science but I may be wrong), and to keep the size of the database and query time under control, the following is how it'll work from now on:

  • "Current" version replays are always available for viewing and download of the replay file
  • "Older" version replays are not listed anywhere anymore (e.g. browsing vehicles, maps, or players) but can be viewed with their direct links, and may be available from future "hall of fame" featuers.
  • If an "older" replay has been uploaded, the replay file will be made available for one month, after which the file is removed and only the replay page is available.
  • When a patch hits, all "Current" replays are instantly archived and the above rule comes into play (e.g. after a month the actual replay file is removed from disk).

The replay pages will remain available, due to the way they're stored it doesn't actually take up much in the way of data.