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Thread: Quick summary recent WN8 inaccurate

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    Quick summary recent WN8 inaccurate

    Hi. Thank you for great stat-tracking tool.
    I have found that recent WN8 calculations are wrong. You can't simply calculate average of WN8 unless you play one tank whole session. Everything is weighted average of expected values and expected damage differs a LOT, so high wn8 games with lower tiers / scouts are nearly irrelevant if you have a few zero damage games in high tiers - suddenly expected thousands of damage points are missing. On the other hand fail ten times in T7CC - 2000dmg points missing, one penetrating shot from fv215b/183 can fix it (not exactly, frags/spot will be missing)
    Proper way how to implement it is to sum player's damage, frags, spot, decap, sum expected values for these battles as well, then divide them and use ratios in WN8 formula.
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    WN8 was not meant for single or just a few games, so no optimization will happen related to this.

    On the other hand, per-session calculation of WN8 instead of average of single WN8 is technically not possible. This will be implemented if I will have another server....


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