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Thread: Partial upload of played games

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    Partial upload of played games


    I've noticed that in the last week or so oftentimes only a part of my played games appear in the "Quick summary" list, and that only these games are considered in the progress calculation (1 day).

    E.g. yesterday I played and uploaded (automatically) about 10-15 games, but only 3 games appear in the Quick summary, and only these 3 games are listed in my 1 day progress.

    I don't see a pattern so far, which games are uploaded and which are not uploaded. It looks random to me.
    What's going on, or what should I do?

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    Looks like you are playing without BRR Battle Results Retriever.

    Do you know that already?

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    BRR is installed, but a combination of this probably explains it:

    "There are however some circumstates where a Battle Result is lost:
    - BRR does not work if you switch the Server during running battles, as WoT drops connection to the Server and deletes his own local cache.
    - BRR will also not be able to retrieve a Battle Result whenever the server does not have it (any more), there is a time limit where Battle Results will get deleted from Server.
    - WoT crashes to desktop (XVM Beta anyone?).
    - Restarting WoT deletes also the local cache. Start ADU always BEFORE WoT to avoid loss of the local cache.
    - ADU is not running..."

    Thank you for the hint.

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    Technically, there is no other solution possible. Sadly Wargaming prefers to keep the local cache clean, but not consistent for 3rd Party Applications.

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    What I've noticed is that, the battles I stay in and finish are retrieved and added to the quick summary. But, if I leave a battle early and join another battle the BRR does not pick up the first battle (that I left).
    So it is only working if I stay until the battle is over and go back to garage.

    This only started happening after 9.2 was released. Before than I had zero problems with games being retrieved.

    I do have BRR running and everything is updated.


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