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Thread: For the Record: Straight Outta Supertest: PvE “Tower Defense”

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    For the Record: Straight Outta Supertest: PvE “Tower Defense”

    Hello everyone, at this point, several sources from supertest already confirmed that the PvE mode on supertest is some sort of “tower defense” mode. Basically, a team of players defends against stronger and stronger waves of enemy bots. Currently, it is in a stage of “discussion” – the developers are trying to gather feedback from supertesters, whether such a mode would be interesting. Well, would you be interested?


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    Interesting. However, I might have to disagree with such an idea. Have you see those people who use a script to run their accounts (Bots). Well As interesting as a "tower defense mode" sounds, these bots are/will be very tedious, or unexciting. What makes World of Tanks, WORLD OF TANKS, is the fact that you face off with other players, who have their own mind capability. The ability for a player to change his tactics upon battlefield condition is what makes it fun to fight against other players. Bots, will have no mind capability. As far as having the ability to "predict" where you are coming from, bots will generally have no capabilities such as side scraping, aiming for weak spots, or changing routs or battlefield position. Although, it would be quite intriguing to see how this will develop. Great post. +1.

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    sounds like and arcade for me more shoot em up
    i suggest modified armor so bots dot require gold to pen


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