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Thread: Avg. battle tier of tank - is it ok?

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    Avg. battle tier of tank - is it ok?

    As I bought TigerII recently i wanted to check avg battle tier of my new tank. I have 5 battles in it, and my stats shows that ABT (avg battle tier) is 7.9.
    So I checked myself (by battle history link) tiers, and results are (top tiers):8, 10, 10, 9, and 8.
    Simple math: 8+10+10+9+8=45 and 45/5 is 9.
    So my question is: why those differencies? Maybe lower tiers are counted too? I mean T5 and T4 scouts?


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    I think it's the average tier of the tanks in battle, rather than the "BAttle Tier". But there is an error, I think for tanks you have had a while where it is far too low, indicating that the tiers are calculated for some recent battles but divided by the total battles or something similar.



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