Asking for your opinion, guys, since I'm kinda in between regarding this blog right now. It has been a long 2+ years long road, and it's obviously time to change. Or quit... First is better, though :)


Point ONE. What topics would you prefer to be covered in here in near future? Share your thoughts, I will make a list, and do my best to provide the requested materials. Just don't ask for impossible. :)

Point TWO. On a related note, what do you think of making this blog a platform for user-generated content as well (I will still be around)? Are there any potential contributors among you willing to participate? What topics you cover as an author? Or can you recommend others as authors? Give them link to the post then!!

If the whole "platform" idea is welcomed, I'm going to share my contact details to talk things through.

Discuss in comments. Your opinion counts!