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Thread: Global average damage per kill borked?

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    Global average damage per kill borked?

    Was looking through, things like server avg. for bat25t was at 1699 (people average one bounce and four high rolls? seems a bit high, let's take a look at commanders.)
    Commander WN7 WN8 Dmg per Kill
    TARB0X 1,027 922 4,485

    First 10 commanders had values in excess of 3k (theoretical maximum, unless two mausen fucking get counted as one tank.)

    Might be worth looking into.

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    I see nothing wrong with this. It is average damage per kill. So if I shoot 49 E100's down to 1 HP each and then shoot a Maus that has 1 HP and kill it, I have killed 1 tank but done 122,501 points of damage. If that were my only data set, my avg dmg per kill would be 122,501. If I shot and killed a 250 HP scout at that point, I would have 2 kills and 122,751 points of damage. That would drop my dmg/kill to 61,375.5. Obviously, in the case of TARB0X, he is dealing tons of damage but having his kills "stolen".

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    Cannot confirm any error related to this.


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