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Thread: No data available after username rename

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    Question No data available after username rename

    Hi fellow tankers,

    I use and upload daily data to vbaddicts via the ADU since a few months now.

    Less than 2 weeks ago I renamed my username and now I am unable to see any data (be it former data, current data) about my account, here in vbaddicts.

    I was hoping that waiting a "few days" for server update will be enough, but still nothing happened...

    Any recommendations?

    Thanks a lot in advance,


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    There are no automatic rename actions, as this cannot be tracked via API or similar. What is your old/new account? I will merge them.

    That explains also your missing replays....

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    hi phalynx
    i have the same issue
    my old name is camarls my new seniornoob
    would be nice if u could merge these
    thx in advance

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    here i am with my new name to confirm

    didnt saw the sticky. sry

    edit 15/01/05:
    although i'm disappointed that you seem to ignore my posting i changed my mind and don't want my stats to be merged anymore. it's fine as it is. kind of a reroll.
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