SS: this was submitted by Vilgundr (NA), it's a rather interesting insight. Of course, this info is a bit older (few days back at least), but still, interesting.

Just figured you may find this useful as theres been many comments about which server makes Wargaming the most money etc.

I found Wargamings annual Financial Statements for 2012 which are listed on the Cryprus stock exchange here:

Now not sure how the other servers are or how much they know about this but in the financial statements it shows a breakdown of revenue by region. I'll include my posts on the NA forum which got moved to offtopic which breaks it down a little.

The 2012 reported revenue for Wargaming was broken down in the following way in their Annual
Report. (Was in Euros, changed it to U.S funds and made it simple to read)

Overall Revenue 281 million, Broken down into..

168.9 million - Russian Server
70.0 million - European server
39.7 million - U.S Server
2.4 million - Sea Server

Now compare that to active players closer to the time of the report (Pulled Dec 01, 2012)

3,034,756 - Russian Server
845,528 - European server
195,340 - U.S Server
62,225 - Sea Server

That means that that for the average active player they made roughly the following per month..
$4.64 - Russian Server
$6.90 - European server
$16.94 - U.S Server
$3.21 - Sea Server

So it supports them saying American's spend more, which it clearly shows per active user, just the American server has 1/15th of the active users they have on the Russian server. The bulk of the revenue is still the Russian servers due to the extremely high active user count.

As for the numbers the revenue numbers are directly from the report itself.

For the active users I just pulled the active users for the week of Dec 1, 2012. WoT-News gives that info by week and I picked a week near the end of the period just to see. So they are not exact by any means, so instead of $16 for the American server it could be $15 or whatever, the percent difference between the 3 areas should be pretty much the same however.