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Thread: For the Record: Cromwell Restored in Antwerp

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    For the Record: Cromwell Restored in Antwerp

    Source: Thanks to Rudy Maes for this one. Looks like the city of Antwerp has a new pride and joy. A Cromwell tank monument, previously rusted and unkept, was restored to its former glory. This Cromwell was given to the city by the British in 1947 to commemorate the advance of 11th Armored Division, that passed Antwerp on 4.9.1944 and since then it stood as a monument at various spots. It was not the first time the vehicle was actually restored – it happened once already in 1971. The vehicle was restored from late 2011 until today by the military factory at Rocourt, called “Competentie Centrum Rollend Materieel en Bewapening”, a company that previously restored the famous “Bastogne” Sherman. The vehicle now bears the “Black Bulls” crest of general Roberts from the abovementioned unit, that liberated Antwerp.


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    WOW....looks awesome.

    TY 4 posting the pic.

    For Prince Oberyn, the Red Viper of Dorne


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